Hardware and System Partners

Take Your EPMS Servers to the Cloud with ENKI! If you have any interest in operating Enterprise "In the Cloud", our cloud hosting partner, ENKI has a very good and affordable solution that you should explore.

EPMS has partnered with ENKI, a premiere provider of high performance managed cloud hosting services, to host the Enterprise application in the cloud and provide you simplified administration and long term cost savings. ENKI has a selection of EPMS-certified hosting packages for the Enterprise application. Their cloud hosting services are offered at very competitive prices , and use the latest technologies.


ENKI is a premier provider of high performance managed cloud computing services since 2006. Offering a unique combination of highly flexible virtual private cloud hosting and administration/management services, ENKI can partially or completely eliminate the need to maintain your own IT facilities and staffing. Our high performance cloud is designed to perform with the speed, security, and reliability of a purpose-built datacenter, including the latest server technology, ultra high-speed interconnect, and storage systems capable of achieving up to 60,000 I/O operations per second to eliminate any performance bottlenecks. Security is fully customizable to meet any requirement including HIPAA and PCI compliance. All of ENKI’s services are scalable to demand and offered on a pay-as-you-go basis to eliminate the need for large up-front investments in staff or equipment. ENKI’s services are offered to EPMS clients in easy-to-buy packages which eliminate the need to host your own EPMS installation while providing simplified administration and cost savings. Learn More!

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