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Enterprise Print Management Solutions (EPMS) makes streamlining your production, customer service, and accounting easy and painless. We support you from day one, ensuring smooth integration with your existing setup. We provide thorough training and customer service to ensure maximum results and improved efficiency for your entire organization.

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What would you do with an extra hour a day? Improved efficiency means more time and more sales. Our software modules help improve workflows for every department.

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We understand you’re attached to your existing applications. That’s why we’re flexible. EPMS offers extensive third-party application integration capabilities.

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Your customers’ needs have evolved, and so have the demands on your business. Whether you’ve grown to offer marketing services or specialize in niche printing applications, EPMS is with you every step of the way.

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Our robust customer support, along with an extensive library of training videos and resources, helps your team get the most out of EPMS. You have goals to achieve, we are here to help.

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Happy Customers, Serious Results

Since 1989, EPMS has been providing print businesses of all sizes and disciplines with dynamic workflow solutions. Our customers’ happiness is our number one priority.

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Recent EPMS News

E4 Eclipse is ready for release

EPMS is excited to announce our new release of E4 Eclipse! This version offers a more modern look and feel while still maintaining the flow and functionality that currently exists. Eclipse is also the first release that is fully converted to .NET across all modules. Some other new features that Eclipse offers is a new automated email system and a Microsoft Power BI interface.

CRM Automated Email is a new, updated take on our current program of Dmail. It is built right into the CRM module and allows users to create and schedule automatic emails to be sent out at a set interval. This interface comes with some pre-built templates that are commonly used among our clients, but with the automated email editor that is included with this feature, there are many possibilities for templates that can be created to suit your organization’s needs.

The Microsoft Power BI interface is a visual tool that expands capabilities for reporting and dashboards. Users can view charts and graphs that will provide the ability to drill down into the information in more granular detail. Some areas that will be reported on in this interface include sales information, productivity, estimates and orders, vendor information, and accounting information with the potential for further customization.

Below is a video showing an overview of the new version:

Folded Cartons Estimating

With an increasing number of EPMS clients producing folded cartons and other nested products we determined that it would make sense to enhance our interface to the Insoft IMP imposition automation tool in order to improve the process of estimating folded carton layouts while estimating in EPMS.  As such we recently completed an enhancement in our E4 – Eclipse version soon to be released that will allow the user from the Component Layout tab in estimating to be able to launch IMP, attach files to send to IMP and have IMP generate the folded carton (or other nested products) layout for the user.  This will save the estimator from having to input the carton dimensions and the press layout and manually override the number UP on the press.  Insoft IMP will calculate all of that and hand off that information back into the EPMS layout.  Previously a user would have to go offline to figure out the number up in another application (such as CAD) and manually input the number up.  With this enhanced interface to IMP a user of both applications will now have the results at their fingertips.  Below is a sample screen shot of this in action.


Gang Run Imposition Automation with InSoft IMP

For a couple of years now we’ve had an interface, that we continue to improve on, with InSoft IMP automation software.  Our points of integration with this very powerful automation software are as follows: Read More