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EPMS offers dynamic software modules tailored to various segments of your print business operations. Each module fosters enhanced operation execution to increase output quality and quantity. Explore our Customer Service, Production, and Financial modules, all of which can be supplemented with robust, third-party application integrations.

Customer Service

Estimates, Order Entry, RFQ, and CRM Made Simple

Your sales team will convert leads to orders faster than ever before thanks to quick access to relevant estimation and RFQ information while onsite with a prospect or client. All the modules are tied together with the CRM, making it your one stop for all client history.

Customer Service

Key Capabilities:

  • Database for estimate templates
  • Customizable job ticket styles
  • Designed for remote use
  • Email integration capabilities

Easy Access to Valuable Production Insights

Key decision makers need easy access to insights throughout the production process. The Production modules curate information about your Inventory, Finished Goods Inventory, Purchasing, Scheduling, Data Collection, Job Costing, and Shipping.


Key Capabilities:

  • Unique vendor ids per item
  • Multiple plant management
  • Cost center analysis reporting
  • Detailed drill down fields

Industry Specific Tools To Streamline Finances

Designed specifically for the print and graphic arts industries, the Financial modules offer tailored views for all your Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, General Ledger, and Cash Book needs. Maximize margins and speed up your core financial processes.

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Key Capabilities:

  • Flexible invoicing options
  • Data viewable at multiple levels
  • Extensive reporting customizations
  • Transactions posted in real-time