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Our extensive library of “EPMS Tech Talk” Video Tutorials covers a range of topics including general systems overviews, module breakdowns, system setups, and more.

User Conference

There is nothing quite like comprehensive look into the EPMS System to better understand how you get the most out of it, which is why we host our User Conference every 1.5-2 years. Our User Conference consists of presentations led by EPMS product experts focused on new and important updates. Additionally, workshops provide an opportunity to learn how to better utilize your system with hands-on practice. Check out our blog for information about our upcoming User Conference.

EPMS Online Training Academy

You deserve cost-effective and flexible training options for your team. Our Online Training Academy is held as a group session and is the perfect option for those seeking to boost or refresh their skills with specific modules.

Training at EPMS

These are private sessions for new and current users conducted at our office – no other EPMS clients will be in your training session ensuring only relevant information is covered. Our training center contains eight workstations that your group will practice utilizing your actual database on. Training length ranges 3-10 days depending on the number of modules being covered and your business’s specific needs.

Training at Your Location

Can’t make it to us? We will come to you. You can contract EPMS to conduct training onsite at your business. New user training will be scheduled in coordination with your implementation timeline. For existing users, we will work with you to develop a training agenda to cover exactly what you need reviewed. Onsite trainings typically range 3-5 days in length.

Private Online Training

EPMS offers private online training sessions for individuals or your whole team. You’ll receive personalized, one-on-one training from a member of the EPMS support team. These sessions can be purchased individually or bundled in packages of 5 for added savings. Requests can be submitted through the Support Portal as an incident. Be sure to include your desired agenda. Please call for pricing.