Production Modules

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Production Module screen shotRobust information is the key to running a successful and profitable printing business. Our Production modules give decision makers easy access to vital information to exceed operational goals and output expectations. The extent and diversity of the information curated within the Production modules allows your business to operate more efficiently, even to the extent of reducing personnel.

Production Module screen shotOur modules work together to create a clear picture of your daily business operations. They include Inventory, Finished Goods Inventory, Purchasing, Scheduling, Data Collection, Job Costing, and Shipping.

Key Module Features and Benefits

InventoryFinished Goods InventoryPurchasingSchedulingData CollectionJob CostingShipping
Manage sheet stock, roll stock, standard items, inks and plates.Track and store assemble and unassembled store kits.Fully integrated with Inventory and Accounts Payable modules.Automatically schedule or manually schedule jobs.Capture data via PCs, thin clients, and barcode devices.Cost center analysis reporting.Ship to multiple addresses.
Handles LIFO, FIFO, Average and Standard valuations.Real time inventory tracking.Raise purchase orders for both job and non-job related goods and services.Schedule jobs forwards or backwards from specific due dates or start dates.Data collection for gang jobs.Employee productivity reporting.Automated list imports and closeout of orders including invoicing.
User definable database.User definable database.Custom purchase order forms.Optimize calculations based on loads and capacities.Ability to handle multiple plant shifts.Analysis of estimated vs. actual.Split shipments.
Unlimited number of stock items and categories.Monitor inventory in multiple locations.Manage material receipts.Easily established production sequences for cost centers.Easily set up for crews and helpers.Material usage reporting.Mandatory deduction from inventory of finished goods.
Can view multiple plants.Identify and group inventory by product category or by customer.Database of vendor information.Graphic displays of cost center and process status.Electronic job tickets visible at each terminal location.Track house errors and client change orders.Integrated listing of customer specific ship to addresses.
Barcode scanning of inventory items.Generate picking lists for full kits or individual parts.Store vendor price lists and discounts.Detailed drill down fields for easy information access.Instantly view change orders.Monitor non-chargeable time and processes.Defaulted client preferred shipment service levels and carrier preferences by destination.
Automatically track on hand, on order, and allocated items.Ability to attach images to all items.Track all purchase orders.Master schedule reporting.Automatic inventory stock adjusted when used with the Inventory module.Allocate gang run costs across all ganged jobs.Direct link to Accounting modules and specific freight accounts.
Unique vendor ID numbers for each item.Barcoding to identify and receive goods.Comprehensive job tracking reports.Concurrent work data collection.
Import stock data from vendor files.Reports to analyze availability, on hand values, re-order levels, backorder status, allocations, and adjustments.Gang run scheduling capability.Live job status visibility.
Monitor re-order levels and on-order items.Schedule jobs across multiple plants.Quickly pull cost center and material selection specific to jobs.
Reports that monitor inventory by job and by individual roll.Outside purchase and material status view.
Drag and drop work among similar cost centers.
View change orders.
Ability to create “what if” planning scenarios.