E4 Eclipse is ready for release

EPMS is excited to announce our new release of E4 Eclipse! This version offers a more modern look and feel while still maintaining the flow and functionality that currently exists. Eclipse is also the first release that is fully converted to .NET across all modules. Some other new features that Eclipse offers is a new automated email system and a Microsoft Power BI interface.

CRM Automated Email is a new, updated take on our current program of Dmail. It is built right into the CRM module and allows users to create and schedule automatic emails to be sent out at a set interval. This interface comes with some pre-built templates that are commonly used among our clients, but with the automated email editor that is included with this feature, there are many possibilities for templates that can be created to suit your organization’s needs.

The Microsoft Power BI interface is a visual tool that expands capabilities for reporting and dashboards. Users can view charts and graphs that will provide the ability to drill down into the information in more granular detail. Some areas that will be reported on in this interface include sales information, productivity, estimates and orders, vendor information, and accounting information with the potential for further customization.

Below is a video showing an overview of the new version: