EPMS announces integration with Cost Rates Advisor!

EPMS has created an interface with the Cost Rates Advisor Budgeted Hourly Rate Software that is available for use in the cloud.  With this new interface EPMS and Cost Rates Advisor users will be able to download hourly rates from Cost Rates Advisor into EPMS and review them on screen first and then have the option to apply those rates to the matching cost centers setup in both systems.  Users can choose to update only the Cost Centers that they highlight or all matching Cost Centers.  This capability will be available in the Q4 2020 release.

Coming soon will be the ability to have Cost Rates Advisor pull Cost Center, Department, Expenses, and Employee information from EPMS into Cost Rates Advisor in order to assist with a quicker setup on the Cost Rates Advisor side for existing EPMS users.  The date of this second phase enhancement is to be determined.

For more information on Cost Rates Advisor please go to their website:  http://costratesadvisor.com/