EPMS has developed a direct integration with CardConnect!

EPMS customers can now leverage the powerful technology of the CardConnect gateway without leaving the EPMS environment.

–           Process credit cards and e-check (ACH) transactions inside EPMS.

–           Email secure payment requests, saving you time and adding convenience for your customers.

–           Reduce costly credit card fees with Interchange Optimization.

–           Protect your customers data while reducing your PCI Compliance scope with state-of-the-art security features including point-to-point encryption and tokenization.

“CardConnect is a powerful tool for our payment processing. The integration with EPMS was seamless and simple. We added our own Hosted Payment Page that allows customers to make their own payments through a secured online portal – improving efficiencies and seeing faster payments too. Phil and Nate were very supportive and professional during our integration process. CardConnect works cohesively with EPMS – I highly recommend.”

Stacey – Bayport Printing House

If your business may be interested in streamlining your payment experience please reach out to  Phil or Nate.

Phil Hildebrandt – (651) 343-3691 – phildebrandt@cardconnect.com

Nate Lohmer – (651) 383-7109 – nlohmer@cardconnect.com