Web Data Collection is officially released!

Beta Testing is now completed on web browser based data collection and it has now been released for sale to our customers.

EPMS is no stranger to the rapid changes of the print industry. You requested more Web-Based applications, so, our Development team went to work and gave you what you asked for. We would like to introduce our most recent Web-based Module: EPMS: Web Data Collections.

This interface allows users to enter labor and materials against a job via a web browser.

Improved Workflow

  • Ability to select a list of jobs creating a job queue to work from
  • Ability to start/stop a job, prefilling job & component information
  • Ability to put a job on start/stop a job and put a job on hold
  • Ability to select a cost center and then select only jobs scheduled for that cost center
  • Ability to see jobticket information on the main job list screen

Note: As with the Desktop version of Data Collections, you must own Job Costing to integrate with the Web Data Collections application.

If you have any questions regarding features or purchase of this module, please contact:

EPMS Sales Manager:

Monte Tralmer:  Phone 774-213-2271 email: Monte.tralmer@entpms.com