Gang Run Imposition Automation with InSoft IMP

For a couple of years now we’ve had an interface, that we continue to improve on, with InSoft IMP automation software.  Our points of integration with this very powerful automation software are as follows:

  1.  Gang Run Wizard – Our Gang Run Wizard module (GRW) is a tool to help users find order components that can potentially be ganged together in the same run.  It does this use a variety of criteria including stock/substrates required, ink requirements, size, quantity, finishing operations required, etc.  It will then present a list by searching for the matches using the criteria.  That run list can then be pushed over to InSoft’s automation software to quickly figure out what gang runs layouts are possible, how many layouts are needed, and how many of each item will be “UP” on the layouts.  This information then gets pushed back to the GRW module in EPMS and is used to auto create the gang run jobs to be used for scheduling, production, job costing, etc.
  2. Gang Runs within a single job in Estimating/OE – Very similar to the gang run scenario above this would allow the user to use InSoft for essentially the same although here all the components to be ganged are contained in a single estimate or order.
  3. Individual Component Layout – From the Layout tab inside an EPMS Component the user may also send the Layout info to InSoft and it will calculate the best possible layouts to choose from and this info will then be read back into EPMS to update the component information including Layout, press selection, etc.

For more information about InSoft you can visit their website here:

And also they have both a 3 minute and 10 minute video on their software:

Please contact us at EPMS if you would like more information or to see a demonstration of this interface.