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Apparel Components

With the increasing number of EPMS clients adding Apparel/Embroidery work to their portfolio, EPMS has recently added the ability to add Apparel Components to an estimate/order.  This capability includes the ability to enter Garment material and the quantity of each size (xs, small, medium, large, xl, etc.), the ability to setup an Embroidery machine under the press section, the ability to estimate thread counts and positions, and the ability to identify the type of threads used at each position. Read More

E4 Eclipse is ready for release

EPMS is excited to announce our new release of E4 Eclipse! This version offers a more modern look and feel while still maintaining the flow and functionality that currently exists. Eclipse is also the first release that is fully converted to .NET across all modules. Some other new features that Eclipse offers is a new automated email system and a Microsoft Power BI interface. Read More